See the search engine development trend from the entity search

recently launched love Shanghai entity search, such as the search for "red flowered tree", "off the hair of the dog" this keyword has appeared directly give high-quality pages, these pages are mainly from the station.

but at the grassroots webmaster point of view is very disgusted with this entity search, because it will greatly reduce the flow of the station, reducing station information exposure, because in addition to entity search, love Shanghai second at the top of the page and the tail are related to the emergence of entity search search, kill carefully done stand webmaster. read more

Eight site for your health to conduct a comprehensive physical examination

enterprise website will set up a number of classification or related sections, need reasonable into key words in these categories or part, reasonable use of image ALT tags, H tags will give website points.


We present The

, 2 pages long tail word layout

In addition to the

four, 40>

home page keyword layout

keyword in the home page layout, construction is also very important. The common subject of the inside pages are made by the combination of several words long tail keywords, this kind of words is not popular, traffic is not high, but a large number of long tail accumulated flow is significant. read more