How to optimize the website keywords ranking to love Shanghai home (thinking and skills combined)

users can also recommend is very effective to enhance the page quality, for example, from the real user reproduced share points like / love plug-ins, favorites also means that users feel the good will of the page.

, the real user browsing

rich text words not too little, the article illustrated, with video etc..

repeat 2, the abundance of

5, users recommend

6, the domain name weight and

rankings?The correlation between

, the real user reviews more

website ranking optimization is our Shanghai dragon staff daily work, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization that is also not difficult to say, is not easy, if you want to put the site keywords ranking optimization to love Shanghai home, it also depends on the intensity of competition website optimization keywords, time, site weight, Shanghai dragon er experience with the optimization of technical factors such as whether the web site keywords ranking optimization to love Shanghai home. So I want to put the keyword ranking optimization to love Shanghai home, at least to know love Shanghai search engine is to judge the quality of what the page data, however, further improvement of read more

How to make more classification information station

The amount of information updated daily

information release website as everyone knows, every day of the update is not small. For the new site just on the line, except for the optimization of the staff to add their own information, very few people know this site, so there is no one to release information. As we all know, a web site construction adjust, basically every day is to update the content and the construction of the chain. But the information website is the same as the enterprise station, the next day to update the 1-2 article? Should the personal feeling is different, Shanghai is not a fool in love. It is able to distinguish this website is not enterprise station, so we should update every day in determining how much, you might think, a formal information website should be what kind of? From a personal perspective, I think the information website should be updated on the website of the stable information section a few updated daily original articles. Secondly, on the site of some of the information classification of the stochastic release of information. I give an example to illustrate. Look at the new site this friend, this is just a collection of new sites. The station also need to modify some of the things. read more

Love Shanghai fast included experience

site is updated regularly, for the love of Shanghai fast included is very helpful, love Shanghai can update the site assessment rules, fast grab website updated in accordance with the law, so keep regular updates, let the love of spiders in Shanghai in accordance with the law to access the site quickly grab. Keep the site is updated regularly, but also can improve the site snapshot update frequency of the site optimization is very helpful.

page ranking, Shanghai included love is the first step, if you love Shanghai not included, then not to mention the keyword ranking, many webmaster friends from Shanghai love included slow, love Shanghai is not normal, so how to realize the love Shanghai fast included? Surfing today website optimization network Shanghai fast included talk about love the method. read more

The website included and cause a sudden drop in rankings and Solutions

every webmaster could have included the site suddenly reduced, especially the love of Shanghai included. In the face of such problems, novice webmaster will know where to start. Don’t worry, as long as a careful analysis of the reasons, the adverse factors excluded, rankings and included will quickly come back. Some of the following questions is the most common cause of the website included and ranking drop suddenly, I hope to help our friends.


1, DNS domain name server is not stable. I have a customer, included and ranking has been good, but suddenly found that included only a few ranking, do not know where to go out, can not find the reason, so I submit your site to Google webmaster tools, that always appear DNS timeout error. Call the domain name provider, just tell us there, their domain name server attack is solved. Later, in order to prevent the recurrence of similar things, we have to use the nets domain name million net, DNS server, and a few days time to publish original articles, flowers > read more

How to query the source of the rival chain

in order to be more detailed and explain the problem, the author published papers in the US in stationmaster net external links in the end how long can the author of this article analyzes the domain name. The first step to check the site near the collected, we usually through the webmaster tools and advanced search to love Shanghai or site near the information collected, the author advanced search today has the love of Shanghai as an example. Picture:

as shown in Figure 1, in the search box input: site+ website domain name, select one of the data we need in a limited search "time, because the contribution in stationmaster net yesterday is the author, then we through nearly one as an example, the author inquires the chain construction work yesterday. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee Shanghai news sources know all about love

(4) government and the organization’s official website news channel;


love Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and a certain scale of the news site in its target domain.

(1) to solve resource timeliness: update must be timely, will be the first time the release of the latest news and information;

news source refers to the search engine news station standard seed, station information for the first time by search engines and priority included, by the network reproduced in the media become the media news source network. The news source in the field of network plays a very important role, with credibility and authority, but also spread to the domestic media network radiation source. Different search engines to meet the requirements of different news included, love Shanghai news included does not meet Google news included. read more

Love Shanghai station closed protection really have protective effect

. "The scope of protection of love Shanghai station closed protection

Two. "

these days because of the reasons for filing to close the site a few days, so check some protective measures, find out the "love Shanghai station closed protection tool, to tell the truth, this tool is very good, play a protective role, temporarily don’t let search engine to crawl the page content, although this tool is easy to use, but does not mean that there is no effect, in the following Huiyu Cen will tell you in detail. read more

The website should highlight a net

page and the article page should link to

article page

said the site within the chain, links in the chain is outside the chain, how about

Website Web site ". People in general should be a web site for thousands of tanks with the concept of representative is huge. But the dream that the website should highlight a hooligan, "net", why? Please look down.

Between the

to do these must be released very understanding of the site, so we need to do the site pre planning post preparation, release, release what order is what must be taken into account, the network between pages can do it. (about post punk dream will write a special article. read more

Keywords Shanghai love ranking optimization you’re most likely to ignore the influence factors

love Shanghai keywords ranking search results in the removal of Shanghai’s own products such as love, love love Shanghai Encyclopedia Shanghai space, love Shanghai library, I believe that I do not say. Shanghai love their products in ranking estimate love Shanghai can not say what the reason.

first love Shanghai in search results to compare data:

! )How to select

such as the words "I stand www.foodsday贵族宝贝 healthy diet," I love Shanghai through search "healthy eating" in accordance with the above ranking removed love Shanghai promotion site followed by the webmaster tools query these factors to record the data, and then you will find a certain law, of course, love Shanghai ranked with the four factors above the law ttyl, to selected data to compare the ranking of the site because of some other factors have stronger comparative meaning listed here have to talk about love from Shanghai all search results. (here is not to say that I love Shanghai this set of keywords ranking principle is not universal, but we all know the factors of love Shanghai keywords ranking can use the truck with a car, but also love Shanghai’s secrets, what we have here is only applicable to most of the sites most keywords principle. read more

Website optimization strategy three prepare other domain name

the domain name record 1.

nip in the bud

ICP said we should record the love and hate, love, is indeed a large number of shielding ICP record is not harmonious website, there are a lot of hate, the normal operation of the grassroots site because no record to shut the station. Then we’re on how to deal with, and what precautions?


3. enabled domain nameEnable the

you have to wonder what is called domain name backup? Simply said, is that we do a website, to prepare for the two one as the main domain name, domain name, domain name as a backup. I believe we do when the site must meet record was canceled, so if this is the case, we are not fully prepared, will lead to the site must be closed embarrassment, thereby losing a large number of users, so if we prepared two domain names, domain name or domain name for the record when the main business problems when we can use the second domain name is the backup domain name as a temporary substitute, so as to avoid the embarrassment of the record when the site closed, the domain name to the domain name after solve the business problem, we return to the main domain name, so that the maximum to avoid the loss of customers. read more

Summed up the new line after easy to encounter problems and how to deal with

Of course, the keyword ranking suddenly disappeared We analyze why

three, the site did not change anything, no

for this problem, in the author’s experience in a large part of the reason is our space or domain name. "

search engine, and a variable parameter is our key competition difficulty, this old station or railway station are the problems encountered. This is our optimization personnel need to have a good mentality to deal with the ranking of up and down.

recently I just launched several new sites are experienced in the legend of the sandbox, each site had different problems, but deviate from them, the reason boils down to three respects. These problems could often often say some simple problems, but for the novice will become a thorny issue, the author of the new line to the problems of the three point summary and share their strain processing method. read more

Baby how to do website promotion website keyword optimization

our website mainly by the maternal maternal and child care, in the choice of keywords is "Beijing gold, childcare Sao, prolactin division, Beijing gold is a prominent local color, as we all know, the main customer groups are in the mother company to choose local, this keyword is a natural thing. Childcare Sao, different from the traditional Yuesao and nursery childcare Sao sister-in-law, can fully grasp the knowledge of life care, nursing education and science, conservation, and use scientific method to the baby’s diet, sleep, motor skills, early education, intellectual development, education and training of social behavior and personality development, for mother and child care, childcare Sao has broad market prospects. Prolactin prolactin division, as a kind of skill, is an important way to cultivate potential customers, so it is listed as key words. read more

Talk about the influence of station links on the site itself Shanghai dragon weight

through the link transfer rule

actually I have always insisted that the appropriate export link >

web site outbound links, is the site of weight / export link number. For example, 6 is the weight of a web page A, outbound links is 30, then the weights of every one of his links to 0.02. If the outbound links page A increased, then the weight of each outbound links have decreased. Such as export links in A increased to 60, so he links each derived transfer weight is 0.01.

analysis of the impact of station links to Shanghai dragon, or to start from the basic algorithm of search engine. The weight is how to transfer the link, the weight transfer law in "how are read more

The content of the website update and how to make love in Shanghai included

, a health website:

this is a very good understanding of. Keywords is the site of the title, to the content of the site can be highly summarized, especially the title of the website. For example, the website of the title "Fung Beijing Shanghai dragon, Beijing site optimization, Beijing Shanghai dragon optimization technology blog, Feng Shanghai Longfeng" I think you can know the main content of the website keywords is certainly about Shanghai dragon. Impossible to publish on the sow postpartum nursing article, so you and cry up wine and sell vinegar on the Internet the same, often see this cry up wine and sell vinegar in general, this kind of article rankings are not very good, because the content is not needed by the user, what is the purpose of your content search engine the. read more

Safety increased three effective methods of the chain

The increase of

1. join webmaster forums, especially famous webmaster forums, such as Admin 5, Chinaz etc.. Often participate in this kind of forum to promote exchanges will help improve their own website, the content and structure of their own website, get better optimization proposals. Because of this kind of website to registered users of the demand is high, therefore, registered in this kind of forum, be willing to exchange, enthusiastic help, gained popularity, improve user groups, get more privileges. Don’t rush to increase the chain, otherwise it will backfire, causing the forum management or the user is unpleasant, and even titles. read more

Several operating points to blog with links to articles included

1, the new blog (here mainly for the love of Shanghai and Sina), will set the good information and picture are set up, and you can use the name of the blog website long tail keywords related to the name, can also be named after you are about to write blog theme. Choose the one you love the template, then you can publish content.

most of the time I saw someone in the group said: "the old blog not included, do not take the link on the second, a link is not received, how the matter, I also encountered such a situation, it would be okay just built, each one is the second, but along the link not included, also once for this reason and choose to give up the blog promotion. But because of the extremely unstable forum platform, I began to use blog promotion means. I do not know now is my good luck or more properly, now my blog article whether or not with the basic link can be included. Manipulation under me for. read more

Shanghai dragon Er novice only break heart disorder can really do website optimization


so, how do I do? First, adjust their mentality, firmly believe that he has to do in the use of white hat, and then I will read some books for the industry, the optimization process of ranking, included, the chain to find the corresponding sections to find answers, the book is the ladder of human progress. Experience and experience are on the books, is certainly worth pondering carefully, because a good book will be responsible for sales to the user for the reader, so whether it is new or old to the one or two Shanghai dragon book is very necessary. read more

Share enterprise website how to increase the number of website chain

forum is also accompanied by the development of the Internet together, more and more people know and love, we can enjoy the feelings of others, published comments or opinions for popular events etc.. At the beginning, we can some weight higher and chose to focus on the related forum to register, the best keywords for the username, his signature left keywords and web site, can do super chain must remember to do. At this point, we can understand each forum posting andreplies rules, so that we are not easily titles, conversely, our time and effort is wasted. We can choose a different theme plate, release the related articles, may be long or short, appropriate to your keywords or links, the title should be enough to attract people, caused the discussion thread in this original post, included soon, your signature has become an effective anti chain. We can also choose a new theme or popular theme for you. read more

Shanghai Longfeng experience small sites also need to look at the log


visits the side reaction of the weight of

spiders visit the site to the side reaction of the weight of the site itself, the number of small single site spider every day visiting about dozens of times. If more than dozens of times, then crawl to on the site many times through the link, then grab included a better chance, but also have a positive impact on the final ranking. If visiting one or two times a day or even zero, then the site is very dangerous.

has been always regarded the structure of small website is very simple, the page number is very small, general search engine can be an easy job to do is grab and included, plus the keyword is not particularly popular, so do not view the web log every two or three days. But later found, that is not the case: the website is small does not mean that there is no problem, simple structure is not fully included, is not easy to get good rankings. read more

Some misunderstandings in the repetition of website content

for search engines, they filter out the love they think a lot of repetition, exactly the same content. So they can save the capture and storage of resources, they also do not want to display a number of identical results in the search results, it has no meaning to the user, from the user’s point of view, if he does not love it, he does not want the contents of other websites now below the search results. If he has read the first search results in the website content, so he wouldn’t want the website below is the same content. Another important point is: the search engine also needs to meet the different needs of different users, the difference is the user. Then a large number of duplicate content is undoubtedly the search engine doesn’t show love. read more