We are duty bound

May 19th, the city held a general meeting of cadres in Xining, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun made an important speech. Wang Jianjun stressed that the party’s mass line educational practice, of great significance, we must keep in mind the political responsibility, so from start to finish, good for good. Do all the work, Xining is our responsibility, we must keep in mind the responsibility to reform development and stability, the courage to play, be enthusiastic and press on promote the cause of the vigorous development of Xining, to the effectiveness of educational practice. read more

Xining City Health Bureau to actively carry out the 54 series of activities

is the 93 anniversary of China to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the Communist Youth League was established and the "54" movement, singing "patriotism, progress, democracy and science" 54 volunteer spirit, carry forward the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress and selfless dedication to the spirit of Lei Feng, to inspire young people who love the party, patriotism, love home the majority of members increased enthusiasm, sense of honor and responsibility, show the Summer Youth Innovation and uplifting spirit, to create a" chuangxianzhengyou for example, a good atmosphere for the passion of youth and promote harmony ". In this year’s "54" Youth Festival, organized the Xining Municipal Health Bureau unit held a variety of rich and colorful, in line with its own characteristics and actual cultural or social activities. Members of the Communist Youth League of Xining City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine
through these activities, the ideal faith, occupation morality, Lei Feng spirit, social morality and family virtue, deeper into the majority of members of the cadres and the masses of workers thought, to a positive role for the youth more step of ideals and beliefs, to achieve self life value.
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The provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial military political department issued a notic


department, provincial military political department recently issued a notice requiring all localities and units to conscientiously do a good job in 2017 New Year’s day, Spring Festival yongjunyoushu, cherishing the work, the full implementation of the special care and placement policy, and constantly improve the level of service guarantee, innovate the work mechanism of support, consolidate and develop the good situation of military and civilian unity, to promote the province’s economic and social the development of army construction and make unremitting efforts. read more

The city’s highest temperature will pick up this week

in February 16th, and a visit with my spring snow, snow, people can feel the "unusually cold spell" brought cold. The same day, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, from 18 onwards, the city’s highest temperature will gradually pick up, but the lowest temperature is still low.

it is understood that the 15 Municipal Meteorological Bureau seize the favorable weather conditions, artificial snow job in the city and three counties, which is third times the Spring City Meteorological Bureau in the city within the artificial snow, in artificial snow after the operation, the city heavy snow. Three artificial snow is very beneficial to alleviate the drought, farmers plowing land etc.. At the same time, the same day the city meteorological station also issued a yellow warning signs of road icing, to remind the past drivers to pay attention to the snow after the snow and ice area to prevent traffic accidents. read more

Three people who have asked snow travel difficult

snow, the snow and ice road, the vehicle pulled cart distance, be slow.
"traffic inconvenience, travel difficult, ice and snow weather emergency is not in place……" This winter, the three consecutive fall of snow makes us a little unprepared. All travel difficult behind, and the public departments are also looking at the crux of the problem: snow travel difficult, who had the? The snow on the road is public transportation to reduce? Is the severe snow snow de icing is not timely? Is the Department contingency plan did not make the blade? Or deal with bad weather related mechanisms are not in place?
mentioned snow travel, the public Ms. Xiao also has painful memories of Xining, the first snow of the night, she came home from work, waited 30 minutes, did not encounter an empty taxi, in desperation she can choose to take the black car high fare.
[Department] reply
yunguanchu rent chief Hao Maolin said, in order to ensure the snow taxi capacity to meet the market demand, the traffic department asked the taxi companies, car lamp company for sending information to the taxi driver, taxi driver let the premise of the protection of the safety of travel, driving on the road working. The snow around 80% taxi capacity guarantee. From the monitoring data show that the evening of December 14th 7 to 8, the taxi driving rate can reach up to December 15th; in the afternoon of there is also a driving rate of 78%. At the same time, transport authorities also stepped up efforts to crack down on the black car, at our door, Hakka Triangle Garden, South Gate Street, road facilities inspection, focused on investigating illegal cab operations and arbitrary price violations.
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Xining social security checks to expand the surface of the 28 companies were punished deadline recti

In September 17th, a reporter from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the city began the expansion of social insurance inspection work since mid August, since the labor security department has examined hundreds of companies, as of now, a total of 28 companies for not signed labor contracts with the workers, did not participate in social insurance by the labor security supervision department make corrections book.

according to the reporter, the main inspection unit and the employer whether to sign labor contracts, whether to participate in social insurance, etc.. Municipal Bureau of labor and social security supervision department staff told reporters that the deadline for rectification of the 28 companies involved in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, commercial and other industries, both state-owned enterprises, but also private enterprises, including Qinghai Yijia national clothing Limited company existing staff of nearly 1400 people, all of these workers did not participate in social insurance, the labor contract is not signed; Medical College of Qinghai University outpatient department of the existing staff of more than and 40 people, the labor contract is not signed, did not participate in social insurance. The staff member said that in the inspection found that the Qinghai housing group Yinchuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to participate in social insurance, labor contracts and other aspects of the specification. It is understood that the labor security supervision departments have been to the 28 companies issued a rectification notice, fails to participate in the social insurance or not to sign the labor contract of the enterprise, labor and social security departments should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative punishment. (author: Zhao Linsong) read more

Xining County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the nomination approach

Recently, approved by the Xining Municipal Committee, municipal Party Committee General Office issued the "Deputy Secretary of Xining county secretary, nominated inspection methods (Trial)" and "the City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau) discipline committee secretary (Supervision Bureau) nominated inspection methods (Trial)" two nominated inspection methods.

nominated inspection methods is the Xining provincial Party committee, implement the central decision-making arrangements, to promote the discipline inspection system of the major initiatives, provides the system safeguard for the organization adhere to the authority of the party to the anti-corruption work and strengthen the supervision of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the leadership. Approach on the nomination investigation made clear that the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau) discipline Working Committee (supervision branch secretary) by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the Organization Department of the party nomination, inspection. In the nomination conditions, highlight the discipline committee, deputy secretary of the discipline committee secretary, supervision bureau person to dare supervision, good supervision, focus on the selection of outstanding cadres outstanding performance from the performance of the main responsibility for honest government, the responsibility of supervision of cadres; in the source, clear to broaden horizons and channel selection, can be nominated from the discipline inspection the surveillance system, can also be nominated from outside of the system, the general should exchange office. In the nomination, inspection procedures, clear the main operational aspects and responsibilities of the parties concerned.

nominated inspection methods to investigate the nomination "key link", grasp the discipline committee, deputy secretary of the discipline committee secretary, director of the Supervision Bureau of key minority, leading to further strengthen the subordinate superiors Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, which provided for the organization system as the authority of the Commission for Discipline inspection supervision of the enhancement.   read more

Xining urban development investment forum west end of the project signing ceremony

yesterday, the 2012 Xining city development and Investment Fair West District project signing ceremony was held in the provincial capital Yinlong Hotel International hall. The signing ceremony signed a total of 15 projects, the contract amount of $10 billion 895 million, including cultural education, trade circulation, the transformation of the old city and other projects. It is understood that this fair is held in Xining for the first time a high specification, the largest scale, for investors, face-to-face promotion of city planning and construction projects, the industry to extend the industrial chain and supporting industries and service industry development projects, city land reserves and gas plus.   read more

Xining model workers three gold payment standards

recently, the "Xining labor model selection and management Interim Measures", "model worker of Xining City Spring Festival condolences gold, the difficulties of low-income subsidies and special difficulties assistance fund management Interim Measures" formally promulgated and implemented. The two "measures" made clear from the selection of model workers cycle, conditions, procedures, scope of the principle of daily management and "gold" issue, following the implementation of the national and provincial model workers in Xining city since the treatment of workers in the management of a major initiative. read more

Provincial Party committee held an enlarged meeting to convey the spirit of learning to carry out th

8 25, the provincial government held a party meeting to convey the spirit, study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, according to the Provincial Standing Committee of spirit, system of government to implement the work of the deployment. Hao Peng presided over the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the key period in the "13th Five-Year" the first year of planning, the comprehensive well-off, general secretary Xi Jinping to visit the province inspection, fully embodies the CPC Central Committee and general secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the work of Qinghai, reflects the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai cordial concern, this is a major event in the province people’s political in life, is an important milepost in the process of reform and development in Qinghai. An important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi in the youth during the visit, standing in the overall development of the party and state, from the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout height, stage characteristics of deep insight into the development of Qinghai, expounded on Qinghai is related to current and long-term development direction, a series of the fundamental problem, aspirational, profound and rich connotation, sincere words and earnest wishes, with strong ideological and political guidance, and targeted, we stand in a new starting point of building rich civilized and harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai follow the fundamental and the programme of action, is a powerful spiritual force composed of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream Qinghai chapter and the fundamental guide to action. The government should study and implement the spirit of the speech learning as the primary political task, to implement the important speech and to study and implement the party since the eighteen General Secretary Xi series of important speeches especially on the work of Qinghai an important indicator of organic unity, mastery, "protrusion extension", to read the original and the original school, Wu principle, with faith, with feelings, with a mission to learn, with learning problems, and strive to achieve the first step in learning, deep thorough understanding of science, so that the process of learning the spirit of the important speech into further unity of thinking, build consensus, guiding practice, to solve problems and promote the work of the. read more

Yangtze River water and soil erosion 300 square kilometers

The source region of Yangtze River, the source region of the Yangtze River, is an important component of the source region of Sanjiang, which is characterized by its unique biodiversity, fragile ecosystem, and its resilience. The reporter learned from the provincial water resources department, the implementation of ecological restoration and protection project of small watershed comprehensive management, to improve the source region of the Yangtze River, Sanjiang source of natural ecological environment plays an important role in the local. The source area of the Yangtze River is located in the hinterland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, covering an area of 164 thousand square kilometers, accounting for about 22.8% of the total area of the province. In recent years, global warming and human social activities have become increasingly frequent, the source area of vegetation and wetland ecosystem destruction, water conservation capacity decreased dramatically, increasing soil erosion, protect the ecological environment and natural resources of the increasingly serious situation. At present, the main types of soil erosion in the source area of Yangtze River are freeze-thaw erosion, followed by wind erosion and water erosion, which are complex and diverse. According to the State Council approved the "Qinghai province Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction planning", since 2005, the implementation of soil and water conservation funds 29 million 975 thousand yuan (including two parts of central investment and local matching funds), organization and implementation of the ecological restoration and protection project of soil and water conservation in a small watershed comprehensive management project and the Yangtze River the source region. At the end of 2013, total soil erosion area of 302.18 square kilometers, the ecological restoration area of 352 square kilometers, built stone 84 check dams, masonry revetment wall of 6396 meters, 480 acres of terracing. At the same time with the provincial environmental protection department to carry out soil and water conservation monitoring. By monitoring the control effect of the project area, the average grass height increased by 10 cm to 30 cm, the vegetation coverage increased by 70%-80%, forage per mu yield reached 270.68 kilograms, than before the implementation of grass yield more than 70%, grassland coverage reached more than 75%, in lightly degraded grassland and bare land disappeared, most of the grassland to forage standard the effect of soil and water conservation, ecological construction was the source region of the Yangtze river.   read more

Xining City Health Bureau to actively participate in science and technology, culture and health, thr

December 23rd, the City Health Bureau under the unified arrangements of the municipal civilization office, the third people’s Hospital Medical Center, the city organization inside and outside, obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of traditional Chinese medicine medical personnel participated in the Xiang Chi Han Cun health culture and technology "three countryside activities in Huangyuan Dahua ceremony.

by health system songyisongyao send health activities for the broad masses of peasants to the party’s policy of benefiting and convenient medical services, by the local masses, to achieve the "three rural areas" expected effect.


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Wang Guosheng in Ningxia to participate in the Forum on poverty alleviation and coordination of the

7 19, 2009, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to participate in the Forum on poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and West, Yinchuan city planning, construction and management. Yinchuan city planning exhibition hall in Wang Guosheng, a detailed understanding of the planning and implementation of Yinchuan city planning reflects watching TV, asked the city infrastructure facilities, water system layout, greening and beautifying work. Wang Guosheng also visited Yinchuan City Business District, the Gulf Arab reading hall at the mountain, shaft, international theatre, green garden, train station, the old city, accompanied by staff from time to time to ask Yinchuan city’s history, geography, population, local customs and practices, and the characteristics of the industry and public service facilities operation management. Give praise to Yinchuan city in the city planning and construction achievements. Wang Guosheng pointed out that the city is an important carrier of economic and social development and people’s production and life, is a symbol of modern civilization. Yinchuan city planning and construction of advanced concepts, rational layout, distinctive features, management norms, have a good reference for us. read more

Province to establish a judicial system reform of property by the provincial management mechanism

Since the

since 2014, the province included in the first batch of judicial reform pilot provinces, province finance initiative to follow up, to January 1, 2016, the full establishment of the court and the procuratorate below the provincial unified management mechanism of property by the provincial finance, guarantee to realize seamless docking, run more smoothly.

Relevant person in charge told reporters the Finance Department of

Province, since the pilot work carried out, the province on the province’s law inspection institute funds, assets, budget preparation, budget execution, financial management, performance appraisal, management and supervision of the budget management system related system gradually perfect. Co-ordination of various types of funds, the establishment of 3 years of transition period, steadily improve the regional classification of public funds to protect the standard, to solve the problem of the existing public funds to protect the level of low, large differences. Reasonable estimates approved the transfer of financial projects around the base, to ensure that the original level of funding is not reduced. In the clean-up Standards Department and zero balance account account for basic design, the shortest possible payment line, coordinate the liquidation and agent bank to complete the fiscal fund payment and liquidation basis, through the centralized treasury payment system, the provincial government on the local law inspection institute a quarter of the staff salary, public funds and the financial capital of all project expenditures the realization of online direct appropriation. On the basis of the special inspection and confirmation of the self inspection by the social intermediary organization of the 111 provinces and autonomous regions of the following provinces, the assets of the following provincial law courts shall be included in the provincial administrative assets management information system. At the same time clear the various departments of the inspection department to purchase the assets of the plan according to the preparation of the new asset demand report submitted by the asset management department after the audit budget. read more

Xining spring harvest for the first time to reach the nature reserve standard

April, Xining continued to improve the air quality, air quality excellent rate of 70%, a total harvest of fine days, excellent days more than last month, more than 4 days. It is worth mentioning that, for the first time in April, Xining, the first non pollution of the top two weather, which is the implementation of the new air quality monitoring standards since Xining, the first spring weather in the spring.

in April this year, according to the ambient air quality standards, Xining City air quality monitoring of the total effective number of days is 30 days, of which the number of good days of 21 days, accounting for the total number of days of 70%. The primary pollutant is PM10 (respirable particulate matter) weather for 17 days, the primary pollutant is PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) for a number of days for the first 13 days, and the primary pollutant is PM10 and PM2.5 for a period of up to two days. April, Xining City dust volume of 19.66 tons per square kilometer, compared with a decline of 1.64 tons in March, a decline of up to $7.70%, compared with the same period in 2013 fell by 6.77 tons, a decline of up to. read more

Xining State Administration of Taxation to strengthen winter safety management

with the gradual cooling of the climate, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue for winter climate characteristics to take effective measures to strengthen the safety management. First, in-depth and comprehensive investigation of the hidden dangers of the accident, a serious security risks rectification, the implementation of the security system. In view of the problems found in the inspection and hidden dangers, the development of practical security risks rectification measures, nip in the bud, will be a variety of security risks nipped in the bud. Two is to establish and improve the guard on duty, boilers, vehicles, fire safety and other safety management system, and seriously organize the implementation of a strong impetus to the work carried out. Three is resolutely implement the vehicle management approach to further strengthen the management of drivers and vehicles, do a good job vehicle anti icing, anti slip work to ensure the safety of vehicle travel. read more

Take measures to promote the construction of service provided carefully seeking to promote the milit

Since the

"military enterprises build a model village" to carry out the work, the Xining municipal health bureau Party attaches great importance to many organizations held a work conference on helping build units, helping build work arrangements, and four village helping build the village committee in charge of personnel communication, to reach a consensus, decided to support the construction of village clinics, improve village health service ability as the main task of helping to build, helping build the agreement signed.
is further combined with the actual advance "military enterprises build a model village", in July 17th, the Xining municipal health bureau party secretary, comrade Liu Haonian, deputy director of leadership is mainly responsible for Comrade Guo Wei and bureau of planning and finance department, agricultural agency, the first, the third people’s hospital, director of Datong County Health Bureau, accompanied by Wang Chenggong and related department of comrade, helping build has depth in Datong County, Wacun Shen Xin Zhuang Zhen Dong Xia Zhen Liu Jia Zhuang Cun, dollon village, through the field of view, secretary, director, village doctors will communicate with the village, to reach a consensus, decided to take measures to improve the village health service capacity, improve the medical environment. One of the village health room door decoration, construction of health advocacy column, and cosmetic and medical process optimization, improve the medical service environment; two is free of professional knowledge of the village doctors training, improve their service ability; three is the leak supplement, for the village health room complete health service "ten pieces" equipment, the Third Hospital of duolong village health room to solve the printing equipment, enhance the service capacity of village clinics; four is to coordinate with the village, Liu Jia Zhuang village health room service house agree to replace the new Zhuang Zhen Shen village health room, wow, expand the business space for service. Help build the above tasks and strive to be completed before the end of September, and achieved tangible results.
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Since the beginning of this year, a new round of precipitation

Bid farewell to the days before the rainy weather in September 14th, Xining ushered in an invigorating autumn climate of the fine weather, as of 18 when the highest temperature reached 24.2 degrees, somewhat sultry. Some people ask, is not the good weather in September can stay a few days? Reporters learned from the meteorological department, affected by the eastward shift of cold air in Xinjiang, from September 15th, Xining will usher in a new round of precipitation weather.

according to the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau experts, affected by the eastward shift of the cold air in Xining, sunny turn to showers in September 15th, 16, Xining light rain, precipitation, Xining, 17 to maintain. Temperature, influence of September 15th to 17 by the cold air and precipitation, the highest temperature in Xining city from 21 DEG C to 14 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will be maintained at 4 degrees to 9 degrees Celsius, the temperature dropped significantly, meteorological experts remind the general public friends to keep warm. As for the public hot why "a cold autumn rain topic, Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau experts, this is mainly because the sun light gradually moved south in the northern hemisphere, irradiation light and heat reduced day by day, but also conducive to the enhancement of cold air and cold air southward, after several times the intrusion after effects, the local temperature is very low. read more

Xining West District Legal Aid Center to help them get back wages

hotel renovation, the boss to temporarily no money as an excuse, arrears of 7 migrant workers wages totaling more than twenty thousand yuan. When cornered, Xining City West District Legal Aid Center lend a helping hand. In June 15th, the aid center helped 7 migrant workers get paid.

At the beginning of

2009, Li Jizhi and his six friends came to Xining to work in a hotel. At first, the boss is fairly straightforward, very timely settlement wages. But soon, Li Jizhi et al found that the boss pay back and forth the days of wages, sometimes, a push is ten days. By April 2010, the arrears of wages amounted to more than twenty thousand yuan. The boss is always in the decoration of the hotel, temporary money as an excuse to delay or even keep from talking about. Li Jizhi said that we are out of work, not much money. Hotel decoration, not only did not live, food and lodging are a problem. Sometimes, a few people rely on a few steamed bread every day. In desperation, they tried to embrace the attitude of the west district legal aid center. Unexpectedly, the staff here are very enthusiastic. Ask the situation, to comfort them, don’t worry. When they eat all that can not be solved, the staff suggested that they go back home, beg for wages that will be handed to the legal aid center. read more

The province’s 15 passenger stations opened online search function to achieve online ticketing

Yesterday, reporters from the Provincial Highway Transportation Management Bureau, the provincial road passenger ticketing network system construction after the implementation of a month, currently has 15 passenger station opened an online inquiry, in late September will be officially opened online booking function.At present,

it is reported that after the end of September, those who have access to online booking system of the passenger station, will be opened online booking function, by the end of this year, in addition to being the construction, renovation and expansion of the passenger station, 30 passenger and 48 more than three passenger station in the station will access networking ticketing system, to achieve the convenience of online the ticket.

and opened a network of the ticket station, will be equipped with self-service ticket machine, the two generation ID card people only need to brush yourself, you can access through the Internet to buy tickets.   read more