Where the old shirt final crisis Sike stuffed tragedy!

Abstract: if a clothing business enterprise, not to make use of the industry has been successful business experience, but through a white shirt to imitate Sike millet mobile phone play hunger marketing, playing a fan of the economy, it is not to seek death rhythm


text / Zhang Jiangjian

recently all passengers aged founder of an interview with the "Merry company will vanish in the circle of friends frequently refresh, savor almost to the vintage from the heart touched the spirit of self reflection. After all, we also took a few big round of financing, valuation has reached billions of dollars, the highest employee more than million start-up companies, from the past to today’s decline very influential depression, founder of share of the dry cargo are certainly the blood and tears of the lesson, indeed it is worth pondering. read more

Baidu yes shop credit page upgrade

days ago, online shopping platform, "Baidu has ah" (http://www.youa.com) upgrade for the seller credit display page, the new version of the page more comprehensive display of the seller in real credit honesty and service delivery speed, etc., to improve the consumer’s shopping experience. The industry believes that the traditional online shopping credit evaluation system, there are many drawbacks, ah, innovation attempt or will lead a change in the entire online shopping industry credit rating. read more

E-commerce convergence of SMEs demand more B2B

According to

CNNIC released data show that as of the end of June 2010, Chinese Internet users reached 420 million, Internet penetration rate rose to 31.8%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points compared to the end of 2009, to provide a basis for the development of electronic commerce China. China’s e-commerce applications, the same size of the population growth, the use of e-commerce, individual users and business users are significantly increased.

recently, iResearch consulting released the 2009-2010 China e-commerce industry development report, the report pointed out that in 2009 the overall scale of China’s e-commerce transactions reached 3 trillion and 600 billion, an increase of 22.9%. IResearch predicts that China’s e-commerce is in a period of rapid development, is expected to reach 12 trillion and 700 billion yuan in 2013. read more

Skin net to remind consumers do not spend money wasted!

  nowadays, online shopping by virtue of fast, high cost and other advantages favored by the majority of users. However, the recent series of friends broke their own sad experience of online shopping, spending money. In this regard, there are industry experts said, China’s online shopping is still in the development stage, the audit mechanism of various online shopping platform has yet to be perfect, if users have no choice is to protect the credibility of the platform, it is prone to a "big" event. read more

Wangzhuan only rely on technology to make money

have their own technology also need to ask others to do their own technology to make money?

now Wangzhuan is really more chaotic, what are the name of the day to earn a few hundred banner to attract people. If you are a just entering the industry, you will certainly be very interested in "Wangzhuan" a word, just sit at home and make money, it is really amazing, I have seen myself even have a good job, but his job to devote himself to Wangzhuan, with the luck can also from the network to share. But money work be empty, why? Because he too believed that others Wangzhuan project. read more

.TEL domain is about to start pre registration


domain name registration company Sibername.com EST announced in January 16, 2009, pre registration information of the company customer will be submitted to the.Tel domain name through the company’s home page, the pre registration service will officially begin in February 3, 2009.

Sibername is a very experienced domain name registration company, we are very pleased that they can join the.Tel domain name registration program and help their customers quickly and securely registered.Tel domain name. Users will quickly realize that the.TEL domain name is the most easily found domain name on any Internet browser." TEL domain name registrar communications director Justin Hayward said. read more

Four categories of home appliances online shopping sales of 34 billion 500 million yuan last year, a


technology news (Fan Rong) March 7th news jointly issued by the Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, China electronic newspaper "2013 analysis report" shows appliances online shopping, online shopping market scale of China’s B2C appliance (including mobile phone, tablet computer) reached 133 billion 200 million yuan, 3C home network share market size accounted for the overall volume of online shopping in 19.4%, the annual growth rate of 50%. Among them, flat-panel TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other four categories of electrical products accounted for about 25.9%, reaching $34 billion 500 million. read more

The second wave, how to avoid the generation of operators naked

has the industry blue ocean generation operation has turned red, the industry is also a hot generation operation die industry. On the contrary, I feel that the generation of the operating industry was formally experienced from the nascent to mature transformation. In the second wave, the generation of operating service providers how to avoid


electric generation industry deadline is approaching


14 years there are a lot of people are talking about electric Shang operators industry is not to die, electricity generation operation is no longer necessary, is that it is not a simple operation value. Let’s take a look at the previous group purchase industry and now the traditional media, and then to the technology media, since the media, are not so come over, you also said yesterday, today is the deadline is approaching. Of course, it is no wonder that the sound of the outside world. The new field represents new opportunities, we all want to come and share, jumbly, external supervision is good. Personally believe that the electricity supplier on behalf of the operator or the traditional media, or buy, or will not say that the direct demise, but that may be different from the previous existence. Or take the group purchase word, the previous two years, and was banished to the ditch, now, not so good. These areas can be in a certain period of time in the center of public opinion, can quickly grow, that they can still meet some of the needs, or the value of existence. read more

Opening weekend to talk about the network to find a part-time shortcut

now we all Internet, not to mention the high qualifications of college students, so today is a talk on the network to find a part-time way down to listen, this seems to be the main way to present everyone looking for part-time work, of course, you can also get some part-time jobs according to the small posters in the campus also means you can go to school work study center application, however, the Internet makes our life more convenient.

I am a student in Shanghai, this year Junior Normal University, in the normal course, not much, nothing except loving look campus beauty, love to do part-time, earn pocket money, so this study is more, the current Shanghai area part-time website had a certain understanding of me it will be said. read more

Beat dog stick add Shazhao, to Suning parity radar KO6.18

on the first day of June, when the Jingdong is still preparing its 618 big promotion, Suning and Ali in Beijing to determine the strategic cooperation. Although the same field on hundreds of China top entrepreneurs and investors that Suning Ali more strategic pattern — the reconstruction of the entire retail business, the Jingdong’s "targeted" is still self-evident, "Beijing" for a larger pattern "Insua" combination is still a necessary step.

is promoting the upcoming time node in the Jingdong, Suning made a "KO6.18" slogan, a full preparation belongs to the "Beijing battle" system of local "annihilation" is being carried out. But this time, Suning launched a real "people’s war strategy, launched a price on close combat and Jingdong". read more

Large pharmacy IPO people are allowed to visit the Shanghai Stock Exchange raised 1 billion

February 12th news, the latest news, last night, the people of large pharmacies IPO application for approval by the Commission issued by the board of directors.

according to the previous disclosure of the material shows that the people of large pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd intends to land on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, IPO issued no more than 32 million shares, to raise funds of $1 billion 10 million. The funds raised will be invested in new construction, renovation, old Changsha logistics distribution center construction project (two), service platform construction project, Anhui baixingyuan pharmaceutical chain information 80.01% equity interest in the project and add liquidity. read more

E-commerce business export recovery is not optimistic

in the evening of July 23, 2008, two months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Ma issued a letter to company executives in the online exposure: "our basic judgment on the global economy: the economy will be a major problem in recent years the economic future is likely to enter a very difficult period. My view is that the economic situation is not optimistic, the next winter will be longer than we imagine! More cold! More complex! We are ready for the winter! "

how can Ma Yun be so divine that he can predict the economic crisis ahead of time? read more

The value of commercial sites is to allow users to benefit advertisers

Online product director Liu Tao

people’s daily on April 11th hearing sponsored by iResearch Consulting Group, the China Internet association to support the 2007 annual meeting held in Beijing Ai Ruixin economy.

know in sit you, along with the rapid growth of the Internet he, as more and more commercial websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, how many, now may not have the exact number of special. As people in the industry may feel a lot, and feel more and more. If you think that the business website is not much, then I think you must be in a large web site. Because in front of you competitors and the example of so few, if you think now, I think you must be very successful, you can go back and rest on vacation now, but you relax your nerves, you will find your opponent run up, this is the internet. The so-called traditional market segmentation is strong as everyone knows, the traditional Internet occupies most of the market share in the network. But in recent years we found a pack and play, become the hegemony of the situation. As we sit in front of the site may look at the scenery unlimited at the same time, each of us is also carrying out their own thinking, along with our thinking, the new concept of the Internet is basically endless. From Web1.0 to Web2.0, from the portal to the search and blog. Who has a fulcrum here I believe we can pry the earth, which is the characteristics of the internet. The read more

CN domain name change facing opportunity

"it’s like you’re going to get people who are used to eating bananas. You have to get people to actually experience the taste of apples." The day before, in the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) ten anniversary of the establishment of the national top-level domain name number of the world’s first German domain name registration authority: DENIC CEO Andreas Baess the current generation in an interview with reporters, the CN domain name from 1 yuan in March 7th to carry out experience activities made the above evaluation. read more

Alipay sonic payment kill lines pay

POS paid by China UnionPay strangle Alipay and create a new weapon "sonic payment re reached offline payment market.

the day before yesterday, Alipay wallet (Alipay mobile phone client) and intime business group announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation in the future, consumers use mobile phone on Alipay wallet can pay for shopping in stores intime. At the same time, Alipay wallet account transfer will continue to be free. The move was interpreted by the industry as Alipay mobile terminal products to kill line payment market, challenge the bank for many years to play the role of. read more

Taobao internal free and paid promotion strategy

with the development of Internet, e-commerce is hot, more and more enterprises and individuals into the Internet business in the tide, and through the Taobao business, a number of investment and choice for entrepreneurs. But it is difficult to start a business, success is the price. Taobao does allow some people to taste the sweetness of Taobao, but more people realize that it is bitter. According to the relevant information, in 77% of Taobao’s seller fell, only about 23% of the sellers survived. In the face of Taobao, how can we feudal lords vying for the throne, deus ex? This paper will talk about the internal Taobao free and paid promotion strategy. read more

Google to follow Amazon optimistic about the electricity outlook

introduction: foreign media reports today that, although Google has always insisted to go its own way, but from the company in recent years the development process is not difficult to see, from cloud computing to shopping search, from the day of service to the online shopping locker, many of the company’s business is in imitation of amazon. The reason to take these measures, to a large extent, is optimistic about the broad prospects of e-commerce market.

below is the full text of the article: read more

Wang Jianlin next year will talk about electricity providers Wanda cut traditional media promotion e

signed in front of the big three, Wanda has a high level of the seminar, Wang Jianlin at this meeting on how to do a comprehensive exposition Wanda electricity supplier. Wanda electricity supplier in the next set of what kind of chess, Wang Jianlin at this meeting has a very clear description.

following is his speech at the conference record:

what is O2O I personally understand, O2O is in the mobile Internet era, the integration of online and offline, improve the consumption of new business models. There are four key words: Mobile Internet, online and offline integration, improve consumption, new business model, the core is to promote consumption. On the next step Wanda electricity supplier how to develop, I have five suggestions, that is, I speak today is just a proposal, not an indication. read more

Taobao mall Zhang Yong explained the annual fee increase full service return

October 10th noon news, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) Tmall.com today announced the upgrade business management system, the provisions of the original businesses need to pay 6000 yuan fee for each year of service technology, increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades. Zhang Yong, President of Taobao Mall (micro-blog) in an open letter to the business, as long as the business to do a good job of service, to a certain scale will be part of the annual fee and even all refunded.

the following is the full text of the message: read more

How should we understand e-commerce

colleagues, good afternoon, I am glad to have time to discuss the development of e-commerce. In the final analysis is how to develop our website. Now that we have built up the site, and the products have been on the shelves, and the establishment of a number of networks. But as a mature e-commerce company, we started 1%, we are just beginning. Web site is just a small part of e-commerce. Although the electronic commerce must through the website sales also is called e-commerce, but if only to build a website, other what all don’t do, that is no good. To tell the truth, it is a waste of everyone’s life, rather than just disband. But we don’t lose heart, you still behind. read more